Van T

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Van T

January 2, 2013

The “Strike Shield” you sent did the job. I had tried various other products and tremendous amounts of force, to no avail. The Strike Shield was left to penetrate overnight and the next morning the parts came apart as if they had never been stuck together. The frozen parts were the hub of a rotating arm that agitated the roasted beans to accelerate cooling, and the shaft on which it sat. The parts were held in place by a keyway. There was a small hole in the hub just above the keyway and I was able to get a little Strike Shield in the hole with a needle oiler. When the parts were finally separated you could see that the Strike Shield had migrated completely around the shaft and throughout its entire length. It was amazing to see. I used a couple of drops of Weapons Shield on the parts after cleaning and they now separate easily.

I’m using the Weapons Shield on my pistols and finding it the best lubricant I’ve used. I hope your New Year is prosperous, healthy, and full of happiness.

Thanks again