Jason B.

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Jason B.

February 24, 2009

In regards to the Weapon Shield lubrication, it is an outstanding product. We field tested the product with our troops who are required to clean their assigned heavy weapons daily. The feedback we received was all positive. They said the lubrication provided a thick protective coat and revitalized the metal on the weapons. Unlike other lubricants, the Weapon Shield is more durable when used in day-to-day operations involving sand and dust. We also had sister services ranging from Army and Navy personnel try the lubrication. They too had nothing but good things to say. The needle lubricant applicators are perfect for maintenance and small cleaning kits. They allow for precise placement of lubrication in tight places and on smaller parts.

The Lithi-Shield grease is also an amazing product. Thus far we have used it on numerous heavy weapons. It also eased the process of installing 25 safety kits on the M-2 Machine Guns. The grease is also very durable and applies with ease. From the Combat Arms perspective, we believe this product to be very efficient and would recommend it to anyone wanting to use it.

Just wanted to say thank you again, your products are amazing and definitely better than anything we’ve tried. The Airmen are already asking where they can purchase the Weapons Shield Lube when they get back to the states. Thanks again for your generosity.