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The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Darrell Basham Racing / Darrell Basham Trucking

November 24, 2008

I would like to say thank you for introducing us to Steel Shield.  We have been extremely happy with the results that we have received from using Steel Shield in both our trucking and racing business.  Your product is hands down the best we have ever used and the only one we plan to use in the future.

We started off by using Steel Shield in our racing business; we packed wheel bearings, lubricated axle splines and eventually started putting it in our engines and transmissions.  We found that Steel Shield increases horsepower and in our business that is big.  Steel Shield in now part of our team’s routine and is something that we cannot go to the track without.

When you suggested that we use the product in our trucking business we were skeptical because the trucking industry has always used Lucas, but we decided to test it out.  We have a 2002 Freightliner FLD 120 with a Cummins N14 engine.  We were averaging 6.3 MPG before we introduced Steel Shield.  We put Steel Shield in the engine, transmission and both gears.  We were surprised to find that our fuel mileage had increased to 6.7 MPG and that the truck was considerably quieter.  At $3.00 per gallon the fuel savings alone amounts to $4400.00 a year per truck.  Not to mention what other money saving factors will come into play later, like gear and bearing wear. 

Steel Shield is now in everything we use from our over the road trucks to our everyday cars.  This stuff really works, and I would recommend that anyone trying to save money should be using Steel Shield.