Bob C.

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Bob C.

December 10, 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing us to Steel Shield Technologies line of lubricants and Metal Treatment products. The performance of your products has been overwhelmingly superior to any other lubricants or metal treatments we have used in the past.

We are currently using the Lithi-Shield grease in our shop and it has proven to work very well in our high temperature applications. We have experienced absolutely no down time due to bearing failure on our high temp furnace since we began using the Lithi-Shield grease. In the past all bearings were replaced on a quarterly basis causing a significant amount of downtime and material cost. We also use the grease in our automated welding equipment and anywhere else frequent greasing is needed. It has out performed our previously used grease in every application and we use it as often as possible.

Because of the performance of the Lithi-Shield grease we started using Steel Shield EPA in all of our metalworking equipment. Since its introduction to our machines we have not experienced a significant breakdown of any kind and it has left them running smoother and quieter than ever. The Steel Shield Drill and Tap fluid is also used our shop and has significantly decreased our tooling costs and become a favorite of most of our machinists. The Spray Shield product is used by our maintenance department and it is proving to be superior to anything used here in the past. We are very happy with the cost and performance of Steel Shield Technologies products and I highly recommend them. I am continually looking for ways to reduce costs and downtime Steel Shield products have been a great contributor to our success.