Andy Belmont Racing

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Andy Belmont Racing

May 27, 2008

Thanks for introducing us to Steel Shield Technologies complete line of lubricants and Metal Treatments. They are by far one of the finest product lines that we have seen in a long, long time.

Our first experience with Steel Shield’s Advanced Boundary Film Technology was when we put Transmission Shield into our drive train which included the transmission and rear gear at Daytona. We were amazed that we picked up five horsepower at the rear wheels.

Once that happened, we put Engine Shield in the engine and picked up additional horsepower. We are also using Lithi-Shield grease in all of our hubs. Frankly, we put Steel Shield Technologies products every place we can use them. This stuff is awesome!

We now use Steel Shield Technologies lubricants in all applications. It is used in our race cars, tow vehicles, family cars, motor home and our off-road vehicles.

We have some pretty strict rules in our race shop these days… Nothing leaves the shop without Steel Shield Technologies Metal Treatments/additives or grease…… period!

Andy Belmont