Adrian R.

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Adrian R.

December 18, 2007

I tested your products on various firearms while I was home on R&R and was really impressed. They all felt smoother after applying Weapon Shield, even an old Norinco 1911 that is not known for being a smooth pistol!

I’ve now returned to Iraq and over the last month have used your product on Glock and Browning pistols. AK47s and PKM light machine guns. All the firearms felt a lot smoother after applying Weapon Shield. I also found that Weapon shield does not get gummy due to the heat generated by the firing or from the cold weather. I also noticed that Weapon Shield does not evaporate and disappear like other products that we have been using in the sandpit.

I have given a couple of samples to other experienced shooters, instructors/operators in Iraq and they have all given me very positive feedback. Good feedback for a new product in an old and competitive industry is not always easy to come by!

Having spend 30 years in the firearms training industry and working on various high risk units I have used many, many products that proclaimed to be the shooters salvation! Weapon Shield has impressed me and I will definitely be placing an order when I get out of the sandpit and back to my shooting school on a full time basis.

Once again, thank you for the samples! I will definitely be recommending Weapon Shield to my friends, colleagues and students.


Adrian R.