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Weapon Shield


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WEAPON SHIELD™, the ultimate lubricant, cleaner and preservative, has been aggressively designed and formulated for the Shooting Sports Industry, Military and Law Enforcement. WEAPON SHIELD™ cleans, removes lead, lubricates, guards against extreme pressure and wear, and protects from corrosion better than any other product to date. This distinquishes WEAPON SHIELD™ as the ultimate tool in the total care and maintenance of all firearms and weapon systems. Extensive testing and evaluation has proven WEAPON SHIELD™ improves bore accuracy due to its Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, which reduces coefficients of friction between the bullet and bore surfaces assisting in the ballistic movement of the bullet and improving bullet flight.


  • Reduces Friction for Maximized And Efficient Operation
  • Keeps Weapon Functional Under Any Conditions
  • Reduces Wear On All Moving Metal Parts
  • Improves Lubrication Significantly
  • Shields Against Corrosion And Rust
  • Optimizes Bullet Velocity
  • Removes Fouling
  • Removes Lead
  • Repels Dirt

Directions of Usage

Apply to metal surfaces and all moving metal parts. Coat metal surfaces lightly with soft cloth and wipe excess off. Use to clean bore, barrel and chamber as you would normally use in place of solvents. This product is a full CLEANER, LUBRICANT & PRESERVATIVE.

Contains synthetic hydrocarbons. Non-Toxic. Contains no volatiles.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting due to aspiration in lungs.

**Tip** A while back, during production of the Pens, a bit of the blue plastic tip created an obstruction in the needle of some of the Pens. IF this happens to you, remove the cap, snip off a bristle from a broom, and push the bristle from the bottom of the cap through the tip of the needle.
(We’ve recreated this scenario & tested this solution and found favorable results.)


07 May 2008
Mark W. Pushnick
President & CEO
Steel Shield Technologies, Inc
3351 Industrial Blvd
Bethel Park, PA 15102-2543


I wanted to take time to express my sincere thanks to you and Steel Shield Technologies, Inc. for your support while I was deployed overseas in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Your product, Weapon Shield, was truly a “life saver”.

In my first combat tour to Afghanistan in late 2003, not knowing much about your product, I began to use it for my personal weapon and my crew-served vehicle weapon as a just another oil that I received in my care packages from home.  I soon became educated on how this product was head and shoulders above the rest.

In the grueling conditions of southwestern Afghanistan, our weapons were subject to severe heat, dust, and even potential rust due to the humidity in the area.  Compared to the other oils that we received, Weapon Shield was the only product that stood up to the battlefield environment and did not cause the bolt of the weapons to become “gummy” or “sticky”.  Weapon Shield actually acted as a “shield” and as a dust repellent.

When I found out that I was deploying back to Iraq in 2007, one of my first calls was to my father to get my hands on Weapon Shield.  While conducting pre-deployment training at Fort Bragg, I introduced my soldiers to this product.  When it comes to selling to a tough audience, young enlisted men are some of the toughest to buy into a new idea.  Within days, all of the men were carrying this product and were even hoarding bottles within their packs.

When we got to Iraq, Weapon Shield bottles became a part of the combat packing list as assigned by my Detachment Sergeant.  Weapon Shield was now the Standing Operating Procedure, a small bottle on each man and tube of grease in each truck.

Weapons Shield brought us through over 25 fire fights with great success when other soldier’s from different unit’s weapons failed.   On one occasion on patrol with another unit, their .50 cal machine gun jammed.  One of my gunners tossed a bottle of Weapon Shield to them.  They broke down their weapon, applied the shield and quickly got back into the firefight.  In our mission after action review, my soldiers quickly commented on how their weapons would only be treated with this product.

The bottom line is this… In two combat tours to both Afghanistan and Iraq, weapons treated with Weapon Shield, NEVER jammed.  That saved lives.  As a unit commander, my most important job was to complete this mission while bringing all of my soldiers home.  Weapon Shield was a great contributor to my unit accomplishing that mission.  In combat, the only option is perfect.  If you are not, you can die.  Weapon Shield was PERFECT every time.


Craig A. Hickerson
MAJOR, Infantry

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