Weapon Shield Grease

Weapon Shield Grease


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Weapon Shield Grease™ is the ultimate in extreme pressure anti-wear lithium complex grease for specialty weapons and gear. It exceeds all other lithium complex greases due to the addition of “Weapon Shield” known for its ABF (Advanced Boundary Film) Technology, extreme pressure and anti-friction additives added to its formula. Weapon Shield Grease™ treats, seals and smoothes metal surfaces to dramatically reduce friction, as well as friction related heat and wear. Weapon Shield Grease’s™ unique formulation allows it to exceed the performance of other greases while using smaller quantities.


Provide Maximum Protection Against Wear And Extreme Pressure
• Adhere To Metal Exhibiting Top Performance In Roll Stability
• Provide Constant Lubrication To All Areas
• Offer The Maximum In Friction Reduction
• Resist Water Washout

Directions of Usage

Weapon Shield Grease was designed primarily for usage on all Garand style actions such as, M1A1s, M-14s, M1 Carbines, Mini 14s, Mini 30s, Medium and Heavy Machine Guns such as, M249 SAWs and M2 (Maw Deuces) .50 cal BMGs.

Usage on lighter weapon Actions and moving parts may affect cycling during very cold weather. We highly recommend Using Weapon Shield (CLP) for all other weapons except those mentioned above.

1. For best results, remove all remaining grease or residue in all areas where grease is to be applied using “Weapon Shield Solvent”.
2. Apply grease with syringe exactly where you want it. IMPORTANT: After applying grease, pull back syringe applicator to draw back grease from syringe nozzle.
3. Cap nozzle

Bending the nozzle of the syringe slightly (30-40 degrees), run or apply a thick bead of grease around the inside of the rear blast chamber. The first shot will disburse the grease throughout the can and reduce sound signature significantly.

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