Marine Shield

Marine Shield


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MARINE SHIELD™ is the ultimate protection for the moving metal parts in your engine and transmission. Utilizing the most Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, it protects moving metal parts from wear and damage due to boundary conditions of frictional abrasion, extreme pressure torque, dry startup and engine shutdown. Other benefits include increased fuel savings due to reduced friction and increased oil flow, reduced maintenance and downtime, and extended engine and transmission parts life.


  • Protects Moving Metal Parts
  • Extends Engine And Transmission Life
  • Dramatically Reduces Wear
  • Reduces Operating Temperatures
  • Improves Fuel Mileage
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Improves Lubrication
  • Reduces Maintenance And Downtime
  • Reduces Friction
  • Improves Oil Flow
  • Protects Gasoline And Diesel Engines
  • Smoother Shifting
  • Reduces Metal Debris in Oil

Directions of Usage

Remove the oil filler cap and add 2 ounces of Marine Shield™ per quart of oil to engine. Use at every oil change for maximum performance. Add 1 ounce of Marine Shield™ per quart of fluid to the transmission.

Contains no volatiles or solvents. Contains synthetic hydrocarbons and advanced chemical additive technology. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

0-20W & 0-40W Oils

Technical Bulletin
The newer 0-20W, 0-40W Engine Oils

In this day and age of the “Green” movement and environmental culture we see a continued effort to replace our existing oils with oils that contain or consist of Polyolester synthetic chemistries. Recently it has come to our attention that the newer ”zero” weight oils are growing in popularity primarily by the environmental faction of the industry and population. It is also common for these oils to be a fully synthetic polyolester fluid having the same characteristics as other esters and glycols. These oils have little to no compatibility with our products such as ”Engine Shield” or “EPAW Shield” and should be avoided in blending or using together. Because of the extreme chemical differences between our Synthetic Hydrocarbon base stock (SHC) which is very “non-polar” and the Polyolester synthetic oil (POE), which is very “polar”, will not blend properly nor will the POE allow our products to address the metallic surfaces in the manner of which they normally do. A small improvement in friction reduction may be seen but it is not by any means the results that are achieved by using a conventional oil or SHC oil. Our recommendation would be to switch to compatible oil if the client or user would prefer to use the Steel Shield products. Otherwise, it is not recommended to use the Steel Shield products in these or any Polyolester/Polyglycol oils as it has always been.

George C. Fennell, L. E. Lubrication Engineer
President – Technical Division Steel Shield Technologies, Inc.

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