Wind Turbine Gearbox Shield

Wind Turbine Gearbox Shield

This product is available in a variety of Industrial sizes; please call or email us for more information.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Shield™ is the ultimate protection for the moving metal parts in gearboxes. Utilizing the most Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, it is carried to the contacting metal surfaces by the oil that is used in gearboxes. ABF reacts chemically with the contacting metal surfaces while improving lubricity and load carrying capacity on the metal surfaces to form a complex film of protection. ABF protects moving metal parts from heat, friction and wear in abrasion, extreme pressure torque, dry startup and shutdown. Increased performance and greatly reduced maintenance and downtime are the results. These performance goals are achieved through ABF Technology by lowering the operating temperatures, extending the life of component parts and increasing gearbox reliability.


  • Improves Lubricity and Load Carrying Capacity On the Metal Surfaces
  • Reduces Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Cost
  • Improves Drivetrain Reliability
  • Dramatically Reduced Friction and Wear
  • Reduces Operating Temperatures
  • Smoother Gear box Operation
  • Protects Moving Metal Parts
  • Reduces Turbine Maintenance and Downtime

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