Spray Shield

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

SPRAY SHIELD™ is the ultimate multi-purpose lubricant that also penetrates metal surfaces while maintaining highest qualities in corrosive and extreme humidity environments. SPRAY SHIELD™ penetrates into remote areas and delivers long-lasting lubrication in many different applications. SPRAY SHIELD™ works quickly to provide excellent protection and long-lasting lubrication.

Directions of Usage

Apply Spray Shield™ to surfaces requiring lubrication. Reapplication may be necessary for extremely rusted or corroded situations. Contains no volatiles or solvents. Contains synthetic hydrocarbons and advanced chemical additive technology. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


  • Offers Quick, Long-Lasting Lubrication
  • Provides Protection Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Creeps Into Remote, Inaccessible Areas
  • Provides Free-Flowing Protection
  • Penetrates To Loosen Seized & Corroded Metal Mechanisms

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