How ABF Works

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Steel Shield’s ABF Technology

For your ultimate convenience and your machinery’s protection against abrasive metal-to-metal contact, we at Steel Shield Technologies are dedicated to implementing supreme Advanced Boundary Film technology within product solutions. ABF technology has unparalleled success across the globe, and will extend the life of all components within mechanical lubrication systems. Combined with the already established expertise of Steel Shield Technologies, we are setting the standard for all others in comparison.

Your Machinery Benefits  from using Steel Shield Technologies’ Solutions!

  • Increased Fluid Film Strength
  • Near Countless Products Applications
  • Overall Increased Component Longevity
  • Re-Conditioning & Reconstructing of Metal Surfaces
  • Advanced Chemical Boundary Film (ABF) Formation
  • Improved Surface Characteristics & Load Carry Capacity

The Science of Advanced Boundary Film Technology

ABF formation is achieved through a unique combination of long-chain halogenated hydrocarbons and proprietary additives, which are highly stable and non-corrosive to equipment’s metal components. And this process poses no threat, neither to the environment nor waste oil recovery systems! Our Steel Shield products react chemically, under thermal conditions with contacting metal surfaces to form a complex surface attaching film of protection: Advanced Boundary Film. Results of elemental oil analysis and Ferrography of used oil prove the stunning results with Steel Shield oil.

We Do Not Provide Basic Oil; We Offer Steel Shield Technology

We set a high quality standard for our competitors, because our customers deserve only the best quality of products, every time. Become one of our satisfied clients today, and contact us now for more information on Steel Shield Technologies’ products. Visit our Contact Us page or call (800) 390-1535 now to place an order or to learn more about the process of ABF technology and Steel Shield Technologies.