The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Q: When used in an automobile engine or other closed lubrication system, how often should I treat with the Steel Shield product?
A: Steel Shield products should be added at each oil change interval for maximum performance.

Q: When changing my engine oil, do I refill with the manufacturer’s specified amount, or do I short fill to accommodate the recommended amount of Steel Shield product?
A: Ideally, when changing your oil, you should short fill by the recommended amount of Steel Shield product as indicated on the label.

Q: Do Steel Shield products extend the life of the lubrication to which it is added?

A: While Steel Shield products do form a long lasting film of protection on the metal surfaces that are treated, it is still recommended to change the primary lubrication as specified by the manufacturer.

Q: Are the Steel Shield products compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils?
A: Yes.  Steel Shield products are compatible with both conventional and synthetic oils.

Q: How much improvement to fuel efficiency can I expect when using the Steel Shield products?
A: According to customer testing and feedback, increase to fuel economy of automobiles and commercial trucks has been reported to be a minimum of 5%-10% depending on vehicle age, number of miles, and how many different components on the vehicle are treated (e.g. engine, transmission, differentials, fuel system, etc.)  

Q: Will the Steel Shield products increase horsepower?  If so, by how much?

A: According to customer testing and feedback from racing teams that have used Steel Shield products in their transmissions and differentials, it has been reported to provide a minimum of 5% increase to horsepower.  Further improvement may be realized by treating additional components of the vehicle such as the engine and fuel system.

Q: Will Steel Shield products void my vehicle warranty?

A: Your vehicle’s warranty is protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which can be referenced in the following link from the Federal Trade Commission:  https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0138-auto-warranties-routine-maintenance

Q: What makes the Steel Shield product line different than other lubrication additives on the market?

A:  Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) is a metal treatment which distinguishes Steel Shield’s products from the competition.  With ABF Technology, the oil carries our product to the metal surfaces it comes in contact with to form a long lasting film of protection, while typical lubrication additives are designed to only condition the oil. “How ABF works”

Q: How much reduction to operating temperature can I expect when using the Steel Shield products in hydraulic systems?
A: Customers that have treated their hydraulic systems with the Steel Shield product have reported decreased operating temperatures of 15-25° F along with extended hydraulic part life. 

Q: Are Steel Shield products safe for both two-cycle and four-cycle engines?

A: The Steel Shield products are intended for use only in four-cycle engines; however, our fuel treatment products may also be used in two-cycle engines to enhance lubrication.

Q: Is there a shelf life to the Steel Shield products?

A: There is no specified shelf life to the Steel Shield products; however if you do intend to store, we recommend keeping products in a cooler environment. Lithi-Shield Grease stays consistent in the cartridge for 2-5 years.

Q: When should any of Steel Shield’s engine products be added to engine oil?

A: For maximum performance and to extend the life of your engine, we recommend adding Engine Shield with each oil change for the life of the vehicle beginning with the first change.