“Setting the Standards in Extreme Pressure and Anti-Wear through ABF Technology”

Steel Shield’s unique Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology is carried to the contacting metal surfaces by the oil that is used in various lubrication systems.  Unlike other lubricant additives that merely condition the oil, ABF reacts chemically with the contacting metal surfaces while improving the lubricity and load carrying capacity to form a complex film of protection on the metal surfaces. This phenomenon results in much smoother metal surfaces along with a dramatic reduction in friction, heat, and wear. The entire ABF process results in reduced down-time, lower operating cost, extended equipment life and increased fuel mileage.  In addition to treating conventional types of lubrication systems, Steel Shield manufactures a complete line of lubricating products that contain the Advanced Boundary Film Technology for unparalleled results.


Keeping the sawmill production up is one of my top priorities and in order to do so, you need to have the right products to do the job. “Lithi-Shield” grease has been a game changer for us…With this product, we have seen much more longevity in our bearings, which ultimately results in less costly breakdowns.

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Tim A.

I had tried various other products and tremendous amounts of force, to no avail. The Strike Shield was left to penetrate overnight and the next morning the parts came apart as if they had never been stuck together…

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Van T

We are a company that runs 7 days a week 24 hours a day and cannot afford to pull equipment out of service due to our schedule demand. The Fuel Shield line of products was able to extend injector life as well as reduce downtime….We currently are using Fuel Shield and Truck Shield is every piece of equipment in our company.

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Justin G., Parking Lot Painting Company