Power Steering Shield

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

Power Steering Shield is the ultimate protection for vehicle power steering pumps and rack and pinion systems while utilizing the most Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology. Power Steering Shield helps repair whining, low pressure and worn steering systems while protecting against moving metal-to-metal parts caused by low fluid due to leaking hoses during normal operation. Power Steering Shield protects against any further wear in power steering pumps and rack and pinion systems due to heat and extreme pressure that are common in the steering system. Increased performance and greatly reduced steering malfunctions are the result using Power Steering Shield.


Power Steering Shield may be used in any vehicle with power steering systems.

Directions of Usage

Take plastic syringe from product package, straighten out flexible clear tubing. Locate power steering reservoir and remove cap. Insert tube in reservoir and slowly draw out some of the fluid by pulling up on the syringe plunger cap. When the plunger is mostly withdrawn, you will have removed 4 fluid ounces. Dispose of the fluid properly. Open the 4 ounce bottle of Power Steering Shield and add to the power steering reservoir. Replace cap. Make sure you are in an open area or parking lot for the following procedure. Start car, with transmission in “PARK”, work the steering wheel from left to right (lock to lock), making sure to keep your foot on the brake to minimize the distance of movement. Continue to turn steering wheel in this manner, back and forth, for 5 minutes or until smooth operation returns. Check fluid level to make sure reservoir is full.


Power Steering Shield utilized ABF (Advanced Boundary Film) Technology to provide:

  • Improved power steering operation
  • Steering system’s smooth performance
  • Protection of moving metal parts in system
  • Dramatic reduction of wear in steering system

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