Drill & Tap Shield

The Ultimate Protection Against Metal-To-Metal Wear

DRILL & TAP SHIELD™ is the ultimate protection for metal working tools. Utilizing the most Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) Technology, it protects cutting tools from heat, friction and wear. It works by the application of multiple metal working technologies that include ionic bonding agents, metal film strength reducers and lubricity enhancement agents. This, along with unique extreme-pressure additives and the addition of ABF (Advanced Boundary Film) Technology, produces proven results that surpass all other products in the marketplace.

Directions of Usage

Drill & Tap Shield™ can be used as a direct replacement for currently used cutting fluids and lubrication/coolants in a 100% undiluted application.

NOTE: Drill & Tap Shield™ is not compatible with water glycol compounds or triphenol butylated phosphate oils.

Contains no volatiles or solvents. Contains synthetic hydrocarbons and advanced chemical additive technology. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


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